Targeted Data Strategies

Transform Your Fundraising with Targeted Data

DemsGive is revolutionizing Democratic fundraising and engagement by leveraging an advanced data-driven approach. With a vast database of over 300 million records, including names, postal and email addresses, SMS contacts, and hundreds of targeting data points, we provide Democratic campaigns, organizations, and nonprofits with the tools they need for effective and scalable outreach, ushering in a new era of efficiency and impact in political campaigning.

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Craft Success with Customized Data Strategies

At DemsGive, we specialize in elevating your campaign’s fundraising and communication efforts with our unparalleled data services. Our repository boasts over 30 million detailed records, acting as a cornerstone for crafting tailored campaign strategies. Through our comprehensive data licensing, list rental, and purchase options, we ensure your campaign can access and utilize this goldmine of information with ease, enabling precise and impactful engagement with potential supporters.

Advanced Analytics and Engagement Tools

DemsGive enhances campaign strategy with in-depth analysis, evaluating over 100 data points such as age, income, gender, and donation history across our extensive records. This approach not only fine-tunes your outreach but also fosters deeper connections with your audience. By analyzing key digital engagement metrics, we help refine your messaging for maximum effectiveness, ensuring that your communications resonate with the intended audience and inspire meaningful action.
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Expand Your Campaign’s Reach Across All Channels

Leveraging DemsGive’s comprehensive suite of engagement tools, your campaign can seamlessly communicate across direct mail, email, SMS messaging, and outbound telemarketing. Our dynamic database provides invaluable insights for every channel, from digital communications’ open and click-through rates to optimizing traditional outreach methods. This integrated approach ensures your message is consistently engaging, reaching supporters through their preferred channels and driving impactful campaign actions.

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